Brandon "Protato BLT" Wilks

Brandon Wilks is the Co-Owner of Protatomonster. He and Parv came up with the entire concept. He does many things for Protatomonster, from streaming to managing the team.

Brandon lives in the United States and works full-time for Protatomonster. He spends his Mondays-Fridays streaming at and the rest of his time spent on Protatomonster goes towards recording plays for our videos, managing our team, and working on our Stream Highlights series!

You can find him in-game as Protato BLT, his favorite champions are Nidalee, Lucian, and Syndra.

Parviz "PROTATOMONSTER" Soleymani

Parviz Soleymani, also known as "Parv", is the other Co-Owner of Protatomonster alongside Brandon. He focuses mainly on video content seen on the channel. That includes everything from shout-casting to video/sound editing as well as some management and sponsorship delegations.

Parv lives in the U.S., currently working full time on Protatomonster 5-7 days a week. Ideally he's looking to do about 4 videos a week, released mainly on Monday-Fridays. He likes to spend his free time helping record replays, playing League of Legends, spending time with family and friends, and sometimes dedicating more time to appearing randomly on the stream with Brandon.

You can find him in-game as "PROTATOMONSTER" and currently he's Plat 1, maining mid lane Leblanc.

Aleksandar "Bronhitis" Kostic

Aleksandar Kostic is the Graphic Designer for Protatomonster. He makes the graphics needed for Protatomonster. He also Photoshops Parv and Brandon free of charge :) and has been doing so for over 3 years now!

He lives in Serbia where he spends most of his time working on many artistic things. He has graduated from interior design school, but his true passion lies in video game conceptual art and design.

Besides working with Protatomonster, Aleksandar is a singer in a sludge groove metal band. He also spends his time as a dungeon master, where he likes slaying parties for his own sinister amusement.

You can find him in-game as Bronhitis on Eastern Europe server. His favorite champions are Cho'Gath, Sion and Alistar.

Bruno "Brummerke" Koch

Bruno Koch is the VFX/CGI content creator at Protatomonster. He helps us make our intros and high end video effects such as the “analyze mode” effect that was often featured in our Teamwork videos. He’s been part of our team for over 3 years as well now!

He lives in Hungary as a full time video content creator. He enjoys studying anything gaming related, playing League of Legends, DOTA 2 and Hardcore games. He’s a blast to play games with and always comes up with fun ideas and new games for our team to play with together.

You can find him in-game as Brummerke on the North America server. His favorite champions are Twisted Fate, Mid Ezreal and support Janna.

Ken "Shad0wth3fall3n" Irons

Ken Irons is the Caster for Protatomonster Overwatch. His primary job is to review the clips that have been composed together as an episode, write the script, and cast the events. Many times he will cast unscripted to get a more true reaction to the clip and experience what the viewer will see the first time. New to the team, Ken is working hard to keep up with the quality and feel that our viewers are used to, but with his own style and twist.

Ken lives on the East coast of the U.S in New Hampshire. When he isn't scripting, casting, or just gaming in general, Ken enjoys hiking, archery, marksmanship, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, photography, and about a million other things.

He has been in the top 10% of Hearthstone, top 5% of Heroes of the Storm, and while he played League of Legends for years, he wasn't all that good at it. His favorite decks to run are Druid and Hunter, favorite Heroes are Valla, Thrall, and Sylvanas, and in Overwatch his favorite characters are Junkrat, McCree, and Widowmaker.

You can follow Ken on, Twitter, and by using his gamertag Shad0wth3fall3n. On, his account is Shad0w#1592.

Chadley "Turtledunkz" Hansen

Chadley Hansen is the Replay Reviewer for Protatomonster. He searches through the hundreds of plays sent from our fans each week and compiles the absolutely best for our videos. Having been with us since Top 5 plays episode 73(Coming in on 3 years now!) our bar for what we considered "Top 5 Plays" was raised.

Chad lives on the west coast of the U.S. in Washingston where the air smells of misty rain and invigorating forestry. When he isn't taking in the mountainness views of his state, Chadley enjoys staying indoors to play video games competitively.

He has been in the top 100 rankings in NA in previous seasons and several Challenger teams in League of Legends with some sucess. He also enjoys playing Card games such as Hearthstone and has reached the rank of Legend.

You can find him in-game as Turtledunkz on the NA server. His favorite champions are Top Gangplank, Jungle Lee Sin, and ADC Corki.