Where can I submit a replay?

You can use our form on our website!

Do I send in the whole replay?

Yes, send in the whole replay and we'll do the rest. If you're sending in a pre-recorded file, then just send us just the part you want us to look at.

It says a champions spell was on cooldown, yet they used it?

It's a common bug with LoL replay. It's caused by the fast forward feature. Cooldowns don't register that the time has been sped up, which is why you'll see many plays in our videos in which don't have correct cooldown timers.

What programs do you use to make your videos?

For the effects, we use Adobe After Effects and to composite everything together, we use Adobe Premiere.

How will I receive the $25/$10 worth of RP?

We'll send you a code for a Paysafe card worth the amount you won. You'll be able to redeem the money value via the League of Legends store as well as any other game that accepts Paysafe cards.

Do you guys do anything away from videos?

We have a stream @ and go to many events follow us at to have a better idea of what's going on in our lives currently

How can I reach you?

Tweeting us @ or emailing us at support (at)

Where are you guys from?

We live in America but we a few employees in Europe.

Do you guys play games besides League?

League is our goto game but we play many games such as WoW.

What would you do for a Klondike bar?

If it doesn't contain potatoes I'm not interested.